1. Requirements for fluorinated plastic centrifugal pumps after they have stopped operation.

a. After the

Fluorine Plastic Centrifugal Pump stops working, should close the pump the population valve, after waits for the pump to cool down then in turn closes the auxiliary system valve.



High Temperature Magnetic Pumpshutdown should be in accordance with the provisions of the equipment technical documents, after the shutdown should be every deviation of 20 30min turning half a circle, until the pump body temperature down to 50 ℃ so far.

c. When the cryopump shuts down, when there is no special request, the pump should always be filled with liquid; the suction valve and discharge valve should be kept normally open; the cryopump with double end face mechanical seal should be adopted. The level controller and the sealing fluid in the sealing chamber of the pump shall maintain the grouting pressure of the pump.

d. Transport easy crystallization, easy solidification, easy to precipitate and other media of the Chemical Centrifugal Pump, stop the pump should prevent blockage, and in a timely manner with water or other media wash the pump and pipeline.

e. Discharge the liquid stored in the pump to prevent corrosion and freeze crack.

2. Storage of

Fluoroplastic centrifugal pump.

a. Pumps not yet installed should be coated with a suitable layer of antirust on unpainted surfaces, bearings lubricated with oil should be filled with the appropriate oil, bearings lubricated with grease should be filled with only one grease, and no mixed grease should be used.

b. Pump clean liquid, rinse, suction line, drain line, pump case and impeller for short time, and drain rinse fluid from pump case, suction line and discharge line.

c. Drain the oil from the bearing box, add clean oil, clean the grease thoroughly and refill it with new grease.

d. Seal the suction and discharge ports, store the pump in a clean, dry place to protect the motor windings from moisture, spray the pump housing with antirust and anticorrosive fluids.

e. The pump shaft rotates once a month to avoid freezing and lubricates the bearings.



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Our technician went to Vietnam country to service local client’s 

Tea Bag Packing Machine on 2nd,Aug,

Which named C13 

Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine,more details,welcome visit

company website.


Last week this client tell us he need service on site, some wrong with his machine.

Our company immediately arrange technician went to Vietnam.


Our technician found some machine parts  are damage, and sensor also have malfunction. Machine begin normal operation after repair and replace some parts & sensor.


Now technician still in Vietnam to observed machine, also taught client how to right operate way, show some right way of  maintain machine .


Everything is smoothly,finally Vietnam clients are satisfied with our after-sales service.

And hope this Vietnam tea business is blooming day by day!



Vietnam schedule

Service on client's work room



Heavy goods vehicles – trucks, coaches and buses have been using

SCR technology and

AdBlue since 2004. For example, Mercedes and Volkswagen.



The latest Euro VI emissions regulations from the European Commission has really driven an explosion in SCR technology from the passenger car perspective in Europe. The Euro VI regs introduced in 2014/15 demanded nitrogen oxides emissions should be reduced by a whopping 56% compared to Euro V levels. For most diesel engines over 1.6L in capacity, AdBlue and SCR technology has been the only means to achieve this. So most new diesel engines over that size will feature an AdBlue tank from now on.



A.The magnetic pump works by.
The magnet pairs (n is an even number) are arranged and assembled on the inner and outer magnetic rotors of the magnetic actuator according to the law, so that the magnet parts are mutually formed into a fully coupled magnetic force system.The magnetic energy of the magnetic system is the lowest when the internal and external magnetic poles are opposite, i.e., the displacement angle Φ and 0 between the two magnetic poles, and the maximum is when the magnetic pole is rotated to the same pole, i.e., the displacement angle Φ and 2 π / n between the two magnetic poles.After removing the external force, because the magnetic poles of the magnetic system repel each other, the magnetic force will restore the magnet to the state of the lowest magnetic energy.The magnet then generates motion, which drives the magnetic rotor to rotate.
B.Selection step.
The status of magnetic pump production and magnetic materials, sliding bearing development, in order to ensure the quality of the project, in the selection of magnetic pump can refer to the following steps.
1. When the power of the pump is less than 10KW, select the magnetic pump to ensure the effect.
2. When the axial power of the pump is greater than 10KW or the medium temperature is higher than 100C, the domestic magnetic pump should be treated carefully, the material of magnetic steel and the structure of bearing material should be limited, and the shielded pump should be selected if necessary.
3. At present, the domestic

magnetic pump manufacturers are generally medium and small factories, the development and research means are relatively weak.Generally speaking, it is not suitable to entrust the manufacturer to research or develop the pumps beyond the parameters of the products in order to ensure the quality and progress of the project.The main domestic magnetic pump manufacturers and their products are listed in Table 1-1.
4. The quality of magnetic steel material is related to the service life, reliability and price of the pump. When ordering, the magnetic steel material, the supplier and its performance index should be made clear.The material and life of the sliding bearing should also be defined.
Operation cautions.
1. Preventing particles from entering.
(1) ferromagnetic impurities and particles shall not be allowed to enter the magnetic drive and bearing friction pair.
(2) after conveying the medium which is easy to crystallize or precipitate, flush in time (pour water into the pump cavity after stopping the pump, discharge clean after running 1min), the common problems about the fire pump in our country, in order to guarantee the service life of the sliding bearing.
(3) when conveying the medium containing solid particles, it should be filtered at the inlet of the flow pipe of the ZCQ type self-priming magnetic drive pump.
2. Prevention of demagnetization.
(1) the magnetic moment can not be designed to be too small.
(2) it should be operated under the specified temperature condition, and the medium temperature exceeding the standard is strictly prohibited.The platinum resistance temperature sensor can be installed on the outer surface of the magnetic pump isolating sleeve to detect the temperature rise in the annular gap region so as to give an alarm or stop the machine when the temperature exceeds the limit.
3. Prevention of dry friction.
(1) No idling is allowed.
(2) medium extraction is strictly prohibited.
(3) when the outlet valve is closed, the pump shall not operate continuously for more than 2 minutes in case the magnetic actuator overheats and fails.
C.Compared with centrifugal pumps with mechanical or packing seals, magnetic pumps have the following characteristics.
1. The shaft of the pump is changed from dynamic seal to closed static seal, and the leakage of medium is avoided completely.
2. Without independent lubrication and cooling water, the energy consumption is reduced.
3. From coupling drive to synchronous drive, there is no contact and friction.The utility model has the advantages of low power consumption, high efficiency, and the damping and damping effect, which reduces the influence of the motor vibration on the pump and the influence of the cavitation vibration on the motor when the pump is subjected to cavitation vibration.
4. When overloaded, the inner and outer magnetic rotors are relatively slippage, which can protect the motor and pump.
D.Application of magnetic pump.

Magnetic pumps are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, environmental protection, water treatment, film and television development, national defense and other departments to pump and deliver flammable, explosive, toxic and valuable liquids.It is an ideal pump for creating leak-free and pollution-free lamination workshop and lamination factory.


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Aqueous urea solution is alkaline with feature of non-toxic , non-pollutiing and non-flammable.

AdBlue Aqueous urea solution has special requirements for storage materials and storage conditions ,because of its alkaline characteristics .


(1) The effect of storage temperature on

AdBlue DEF:

AdBlue requires a storage temperature of about -5 to 25 ℃, it should be avoid sunlight and high temperature. And different storage temperatures with different the shelf life .

The shelf life of AdBlue at different temperatures is as follows :


Storage Temperature(℃)

Shelf life (Month)










Test before use



It should be sealed immediately and not be used again if there is a strong smell of ammonia when opening the sealing cover of the storage tank,  it can be used after passing the relevant instrument test immediately.

(2) The storage container and filling equipment of AdBlue ;

AdBlue DEF will react with some materials, such as copper, iron, aluminum and so on. it will cause the deterioration if it is installed in the pot or the filling equipments of these materials, thus affecting the performance of SCR. So it have to use special equipment for filling AdBlue. In addition, AdBlue will crystallize at low temperature and its volume will expand by about 7%. Therefore, the storage

volume of AdBlue should be kept at about 90%.

(3)The storage and use environment of AdBlue should be cleaned.

In the process of using urea solution, we should try our best to avoid impurities from entering the solution and urea tanks. Generally, AdBlue have special tubes when refilling. 




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